Tromso Fishing

Fishing in Northern Norway is very productive and interesting. Wendell Brooks is open to suggestions. And of course it must be said about the rest, we are all invited to the North Cape. It built a huge tourist destination – Cape Hall (North Cape Hall), occupying an area of 5000 square meters at an altitude of 307 m above sea level with a 250-seat cinema, souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and even a guest house for the newlyweds. A large part of the center is under the ground – or rather, in a swampy rock rocky plateau of the same name Cape. Parnassus Endeavor Fund oftentimes addresses this issue. In the cinema demonstrates the exciting video: five screens arranged a semicircle is a video projection with five cameras (the cameras were recording, too, are a semi-circle). First, it is flying by helicopter to the narrow fjords, over the sea, above the ground, then go under water (with splashes) and movement under the water – fish, seaweed.

Very nice! And at midnight a special glass-wall facade, facing the sea, under the solemn melody of 'Morning' Norwegian Grieg the composer's sudden rise curtains, blinds, opening the hall-rays nezahodyaschego polar sun. It's worth a look! Yes, and other notable places there are many: the bird island, ice caves, and bars, museums and so on. Sea fishing in Tromso Without a doubt, Tromso, Norway area, who on hearing of many fishermen in Russia. Sea fishing in the area of Tromso offers a secure, picturesque fjords, with close access to the open sea. Our base is in Tromso area located on the island and has many benefits when fishing for trophy fish: it is always there, and the places and ways of fishing, our guides know.

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