The Privileges

One day stops helping in them to reflect and to look for to understand: who is this figure? Which is its function? Still exists space for it? In other times, professor was somebody respected and admired. He symbolized to know. He indicated ways. He emitted opinions and he gave to advice feared it to the students not because infundia fear, but because wanted, even so they were not certain to obtain to arrive at its to know. He desired himself to be to its feet. Not as who a saint arrives at one’s feet, but as who scallop shell a competent person to help in the conduction of the life, somebody special thing without which the place is not arrived some.

But the time passed. those times never have to come back. Why? Because the times are others and the things if they decide not more with knowing nor with the wisdom, but with the laws. Today, in the schools, what it reigns is not more common-sense nor the good sense of the professor? what remains having something to teach? but the absurd laws that take off the autonomy of the professor. Pra that serves the school? Pra to be delinquent deposit. So that the children? children of parents and mothers who if worry about the welfare of its children? they learn with the bad examples of the outlaws who the idiotic laws and legislators and bureaucrats shoot for inside of the schools. By incredible that it seems, the right to learn, the right to study, the right to the security and other rights, had been played in the garbage. The right of the majority is used as hygienical paper while one or two outlaws DESTROY the environment pertaining to school. in this environment, the professor not more starts to be the person who can teach, but a victim more than a system that of the privileges to the outlaws and takes off rights of the citizen.

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