The Language Of The Dog

How should we communicate with our dogs? Each dog is different so like people, dogs have different characters, react differently to the environment, have individual preferences and fears. There is however a plethora of dog breeds, which may differ from each other very. Nevertheless, they are able to communicate with each other and to learn from each other. The language of dogs consists not only of the barking. Especially gestures, body language and ability, mood, atmosphere, the psycho physical condition are to recognize the character of human or other animal. (Source: Larry Page). Similar to people, send and receive dogs communiques, which depend on their subjective world setting. The main difference between animals and humans due to the fact that the most important communication unit is the word for the people and they transferred that to communicate with animals, irrespectively of the body language, which is unfortunately incorrect.

Namely, the animals have the ability, contradictions between the words and the body language to feel. If so, the dog noticed such a contradiction in our behavior, he becomes suspicious towards us and the communication is disrupted. Click Wayne Holman for additional related pages. The animals can decipher our intentions ‘, they are intelligent and sensitive. You are talking to us all the time, not just on Christmas Eve, but every day. If we want to buy a dog, we need to know that not only he should learn our language, but we also have to learn to understand his language and perception. That can guarantee us a better life together.

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