The Distances Short

I remember that when I was in high school, literature professor told us students movie titles to inspire us when writing literary stories. As well, a year ago I heard the title of a book by Inigo Sota Heras which I loved because it seems poetic. It’s the novel edited by Coco bearing the name short distances. On this occasion, just as when he was in high school, I take as a source of inspiration those three words to let your imagination and reflect on human subjects. Short distances. A metaphorical and elegant idea. Three words loaded with symbolism in the language of interpersonal relationships.

How is measured the distance between two people when the abyss that exists from heart to heart can be bigger than that divides two continents? How runs the distance that separates us from the soul of another human being? Or what is more difficult to how to allow someone else discover me our from the closeness that power like a magnifying glass the virtues magnificent defects that we strive both to hide? The sages say that therein lies the true love: in the acceptance of the good and bad that there are on the other. However what happens with the fear that produces pride and arrogance? How is the vanity that prevents peace spits a SIP? It is not easy to shorten distances in the technological society. However, we all need to be heard in the depths of our being. Feel valued and recognized on the other. Build interpersonal ties strong and solid. Giving and receiving. Maintain the balance in the balance of a heart that maybe wears to the beat of the disappointment, uncertainty and struggle. Travel to the heart of another human being is not the same that catch a plane to discover a paradise lost in the middle of the ocean.

The adventure that involves approaching another person involves risks, sacrifice and effort. Words that will perhaps surprise one who is accustomed to superficiality. Short distances increase when sometimes boycotted ourselves as result of a bad memory from the past. The inches become miles under a storm of doubt and fear. Then the human being becomes a deserted island where there is only loneliness and bitterness. In the middle of that solitude, sometimes, appears the hope in the eyes of another human being. And again, emerges the milagro. The miracle of live step by step feeling that distance that decrease through the word and the contact of the skin and the soul there is a. Maite Nicuesa Guelbenzu doctor of philosophy original author and source of the article.

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