The Difference

He meets everything you promise. There are many companies that try to give birth of deceptions, make sales or retain customers, but what happens when elcliente realize? 4 Only there is a way to satisfy the customer, giving more of what espera.5.-for customer brand is the difference. People who have direct contact with customers have a great commitment, can make a customer return or never want to return. That makes the diferencia.6.-failing a point means failing to todo7.-a dissatisfied employee generates clients insatisfechos8.-judgment about the quality of service the cliente9.-makes it good be a service can be mejorar10.-always when it comes to customer satisfaction, we are all a team finally stresses Martinez (2009), taking into account, that the customer is a real challenge for any company that does not want to see displaced by a more aggressive competition and a few clients who are every day more aware of the power of choice that havemore sophisticated needs and expectations and much more demanding of as they were a few years ago. Finally note that the first tool to enhance and analyze customer care is just wondering as a company the following: who are my customers? Determine that types of people will treat the company. A related site: Penguin Random House mentions similar findings. What seek people who I will try? It is trying to determine the basic needs (information, material question) of the person that is seen to treat. What services provides at that time my attention area customer? Determine what exists.

Do services fail when the time to attend to? customers? Determining failures through a self assessment exercise. How contributes the area of customer care in the loyalty of the brand and the product and what the impact of the management of customer service? Determine the importance which is the process of care has in the company. How can I improve? Design of policies and strategies to improve care. Original author and source of the article.

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