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GeoDefense Shoots Free Is The Way To The IPhone And IPod Touch

Tower Defense will be never again the same. St. Louis, United States, April 2009 the Tower Defense genre gets geoDefense lightning-fast and exciting young talent. The threat is a constant flow of opponents in futuristic graphics. Save the world in geoDefense against these fast and relentless creeps. For a limited period geoDefense version 1.1 is available in the Apple iTunes app store, for 2.99 Euro. There is also a free trial version available. The distinctive vector graphics brings geoDefense breath of fresh air in the Tower Defense genre.

Against the new waves of enemies to defend their territory with blasters, lasers and missiles. Watch how the power of defeated opponents in a stunning colors and light across the screen dances and this node charges the energy storage of vortex. How should this power be used? Everyone decides for themselves what should happen next. But only with stupidem shooting you won’t get far. In order to meet the challenge it takes brains and strategic Skill.

30 levels in three levels of difficulty and a hardcore”request mode, spirit and stamina, because the solution is not always immediately obvious. With consistently thoughtful gameplay and the new graphics engine is geoDefense to the most elaborate what can currently offer the iPhone platform. “The iPhone platform will bring fresh wind into the game industry. We use our experience of individual games and use them consistently on this platform”, says David Whatley, founder of critical thought games. We have on it, what makes a good mobile game in our eyes it is focused to play quickly and dicing, but ties for many hours. “But despite the rapidity of geoDefense we put great value on the appearance and the successful.” To the current trailer, as well as the English press kit, including imagery, geoDefense, see under: with the following link you come to directly geoDefense on the iTunes app store: geoDefense about Critical thought games critical thought games what founded by videogame industry veteran David Whatley, and released its first title geoDefense in 2009. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dan Zwirn. David has over 20 years of experience providing innovative games technology to some of the biggest publishers and developers in the industry. With that eye for innovation, critical thought games is devoted to creating fun and engaging videogame experiences for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms. For more information please visit.

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