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Emotional Intelligence

Within the social abilities 8 subaptitudes exist: Influence: to apply effective tactics for the persuasion. For more information see Ebay. Communication: to be able to listen abiertamente and to transmit clear and convincing messages. Handling of conflicts: to negotiate and to solve the discords. Leadership: to inspire and to guide group and individuals. Catalyst of change: to initiate or to handle the change.

To establish bonds: to feed the instrumental relations. Collaboration and cooperation: to work with others to reach shared goals. Abilities of equipment: to create group synergy to reach the collective goals Reaches The newness, scientifically tried, is based in which the emotional brain learns of way different from the thinking brain and, although the intellectual quotient cannot be developed past the thirteen or fourteen years of life, emotional intelligence yes can be cultivated indefinitely and to be formation matter. It is more, the capacity to influence in the people, the comunicabilidad, the aptitude to exert the leadership, the adaptability to the change, the conflict resolution, the facility to establish bonds, to collaborate and to cooperate with an equipment, they are all competitions that a major or minor depends on development of emotional intelligence. The Test of Emotional Intelligence is a test destined to measure the cuociente of emotional intelligence of the people in the long term.

It establishes 21 scales of evaluation that measure emotional intelligence in the following contexts: 1. Present atmosphere 2. Emotional knowledge 3. Emotional competitions 4. Values and Beliefs 5. Results These five contexts are measured through specific scales, that are described next. Each scale owns four alternatives that indicate the degree in that a specific aspect to being measured is experienced or perceived.

Theodore Roosevelt Companies

the leaders who follow the Tao are near the nature. Their actions flow of the heart. In its words, they say the truth. In its decisions, they are right. In the businesses, cash. Lao Tzu, Tao you Ching " The best executive is that one than he has the sufficient criterion to choose good collaborators to do what there is to do, and the sufficient force of containment not to interfere while hacen." Theodore Roosevelt basic Majorities and aspects More and more the dynamic characteristics of the present scenes where the companies act, demand of a leadership proativo, creative, innovating, able to confront the challenges, to take step to the transformations that are required to guarantee to the companies under their position a participation that to him success generates, conquers and permanence in the markets. Of here, the importance of guaranteeing if really the companies have a successful managemental leader, who provides to the companies under his position an optimal unfolding in scenes that every time become changing, demanding.

Already Kottler it indicated with respect to the importance of the managemental leadership, that as much a strong leadership and a solid management are necessary for an optimal organizational effectiveness. Therefore, the majority of the organizations must work for causing the changes that it allows to count with a leadership, fort, successful, transforming, a true agent of change and not with a poor leadership and an excessive management. In the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, especially in the enterprise sector of the SMEs, note much absence of managemental leadership, due to causes that no they have solved, among them: absence of knowledge of the modern managemental topics; inadequate handling of the persuasion, motivation and it influences for integration, cohesion of equipment; badly handling of the human resource of the company, the consumer, the suppliers; little initiative and inadequate direction in order to generate and to confront the changes; inefficient handling of the productivity, it influences, authority; little creativity and use of innovation according to the opportunities that appear; fear to the irrigations and uncertainty; inexperience before the scenes turbulent; excessive improvisation without measuring the consequences; inadequate competitiveness, absence of values, ethics, moral, among others.

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