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Young Writers

The reason is clear: a young family, wandering from door to door. Add up all the way, you have long been a professional poet. And deservedly so. Jayme Albin is open to suggestions. We (the mean regional organization of the "Young Writers of Kuban", which was a member of the Board Tatiana), then appealed to the provincial authorities with a request to pay for a trip, but the ear and not taken. You do not know you, Tatiana, unlike some of our so-called venerable and titled it is unclear what, taken out of the throat to protect his talent.

Eugene and Paul: The same fate befell other of our sponsors: Tosunova R., Ivanov, E. Belova. Praised, promised to name … So what? Valery Kuznetsov: As always – nothing. In 2003, CCW Molodyne writers Kuban "with the support of the regional committee on youth affairs organized and hosted a three-day seminar of the young writers of the Kuban. Of the 60 submitted for the seminar Manuscripts selected were 33 manuscripts of poetry and prose, which evaluated Gennady Ivanov – a poet, the Secretary of the Writers' Union of Russia, deputy chief editor of the "Moscow", Yury Biryukov, military writer, poet and composer, and Lydia Mid – well-known critic, novelist and essayist. Incidentally, the literary portrait, which could draw the authors and guests from Moscow to assess, not blessed, but optimistic. Eugene and Paul: It seems, "Literary" wrote about it then? Valery Kuznetsov: Yes, under the heading "Literary Courier" reported that the warmest words were awarded to seminar three novelist: Ruslan Tosunov from the village of Loris for the story "Mystery The Caucasus Mountains, "about the flora and fauna of our beautiful region, Yevgeny Belov of the village landscapes: – for" Batkiny Tales "(I want to see that story in the classic sense of the Kuban today nobody writes), Sergei Ivanov – a cycle stories "Taman," "Childhood," united in the story.

Emotional Intelligence

Within the social abilities 8 subaptitudes exist: Influence: to apply effective tactics for the persuasion. For more information see Ebay. Communication: to be able to listen abiertamente and to transmit clear and convincing messages. Handling of conflicts: to negotiate and to solve the discords. Leadership: to inspire and to guide group and individuals. Catalyst of change: to initiate or to handle the change.

To establish bonds: to feed the instrumental relations. Collaboration and cooperation: to work with others to reach shared goals. Abilities of equipment: to create group synergy to reach the collective goals Reaches The newness, scientifically tried, is based in which the emotional brain learns of way different from the thinking brain and, although the intellectual quotient cannot be developed past the thirteen or fourteen years of life, emotional intelligence yes can be cultivated indefinitely and to be formation matter. It is more, the capacity to influence in the people, the comunicabilidad, the aptitude to exert the leadership, the adaptability to the change, the conflict resolution, the facility to establish bonds, to collaborate and to cooperate with an equipment, they are all competitions that a major or minor depends on development of emotional intelligence. The Test of Emotional Intelligence is a test destined to measure the cuociente of emotional intelligence of the people in the long term.

It establishes 21 scales of evaluation that measure emotional intelligence in the following contexts: 1. Present atmosphere 2. Emotional knowledge 3. Emotional competitions 4. Values and Beliefs 5. Results These five contexts are measured through specific scales, that are described next. Each scale owns four alternatives that indicate the degree in that a specific aspect to being measured is experienced or perceived.

Army Group

In the rest – totally offensive failed. Our losses are greater than the German in about half: the Soviet forces lost at least 500 000 people killed, died of wounds and was taken prisoner, while the loss of personnel of the Army Group "Center" was about 330 000 soldiers and officers. Detachments of marines fought 149 days, passing on the rear of the enemy, about six miles, they distract themselves from the front, and bound his decisive action five German divisions, killing in the course of the operation to 15 000 enemy soldiers and officers, a large number of military and other equipment. During the war the rate of Supreme Command for more than forty times applied the troops, but the largest airborne operation was Vyazemskaya, when the enemy's rear were thrown more than 10 thousand Soviet paratroopers, as well as thousands of specifically designed for their goods with weapons, ammunition, food and other property. Until the end of the war took place only one attempt to land a major airborne assault behind enemy lines: in the Dnieper offensive on September 25-28, 1943. However, this amphibious operation was a failure – of the 4,500 people still living only 1,200.

The fighting Vyazma demonstrated that the larger the landing, the harder it is for him to decide operational objectives, and the greatest chance of success at landing behind enemy lines have small sabotage and reconnaissance units. Corresponding English newspaper 'Sunday Times' A. Werth, describes the current situation in Rzhev-Vyazma salient at the time: 'During the whole' difficult summer "in 1942, this German bridgehead remained a potential threat to Moscow, but the main concern of Russian was not so much the prospect of the offensive Germans in the capital, as the possibility that they will try to keep the 'bridgehead' minimal forces and other troops was transferred to the south for an attack on Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Therefore, throughout the summer and autumn of 1942 , the Soviet High Command tried by all means hold down as many German troops to the west of Moscow, continuously attacking and exhausting them. Fighting Rzhev were among the most severe, has ever had to Soviet troops. They attacked the heavily fortified German positions and suffered much greater losses than the Germans, the military operations were so fierce that the prisoners had very little. " Full Text Source:

Emo Group West

'In their songs, we try to combine intelligent lyrics with a modern emotional, mystical, intense energy of rock music' – the leader of the group. Tokio hotel and emo bands Tokio hotel itself does not refer to emo, but still received widely recognized in the emo kidov. Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy defiantly self-confident, hyperactive on stage and off and have time to do so many things at once, like going to live three lives each. Fall Out Boy – a group of Wilmette, Chicago. The children themselves characterize his style as American pop-punk, but experts consider them still to emo. Initially, their inspiration was the group Green Day, but already in 2003, the band found its own sound. Album Fall Out Boy 'From Under the Cork Tree' in its first week sold 70000th edition and noted in the Top 10 U.S..

The explosive single 'Sugar, We're Goin' Down 'won the 8-th line of the hit parade, and the video for the song won the MTV2 Award at the awards ceremony, MTV Video Music Awards 2005. Even Grammy did not escape the attention Fall Out Boy, putting forward them to the award of the category 'Best New Artist'. Fall Out Boy and Emo As you can see, Fall Out Boy do not consider myself emo, but the line between pop punk and emo so thin that many emo websites have information about them. My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance was founded in New Jersey. Its name to the group obliged writer Irvine Welsh.

Networker System

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