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Social Situations

If somebody to know favor sends me this information of incalculable value by means of commentaries to this relief. The citizen is born flat? chatice is not learned nor if it catches? it is condition irreversible cream and. Therefore, if you knew somebody flat in the past you do not feed hope to find cured it. It until can have developed resources to minimize the symptoms, but so soon if the chatice feels the will takes it counts. The flat in one palco and I outside of its radius of action until find funny, but the problem is that they are expansivos by its very nature, early or late reach they you. At last the chateia flat. They are in the world, have rights, occupy positions, have relatives and for incredible that she is she has friends.

We have that to learn to coexist them. They perceive that I am not saying of situations boats, of these all we we are passives, I am speaking of the flat citizen, that one that does not lose a chance to spread its nobler reason to exist: to aporrinhar. It has! They are acintosamente cowards, costumam catching in them in situations of which we have few options of defense: lines, meetings, parties, in the work, that is, the social events are the moments at which they do not aguentam themselves. The height of the flat career and when it potencializa its chatice with some cause, either it of whom order will be: religious, ecological, politics, social Well, it is another list there that does not finish. The fanatic flat nobody it deserves. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

To be flat it does not have prerequisite of sort, race, social classroom, escolaridade or nationality. I think well, care with the preconception of the type the flat always I can be the other never I will be. He remembers of as I started this text ' ' A property of the flat is to be incapable of if perceiving as such … ' '

Space Being

He is pretty when people perceive that the other does not need that people make some thing for it, but yes, that people are somebody for it. That the other does not want nothing beyond the presence, of the love, the affection, the respect, the friendship. in this pretty thing of being who the other needs, exactly without having nothing to offer (even because the other does not want that let us make, but that let us be), people learn that if she can be more human, more present, more friend The presence of one in the life of the other does not pass for the corporeal properties, for the financial profits, ' ' status' ' social, for the position or position that occupies Far from this The presence, and this never will pass, is cravada in the chest, nailed in the wall of the memory, immortalized in the retina of the soul, marked, deeply, inside of the heart is pretty when people perceive this. A related site: Elon Musk mentions similar findings. It makes people to be better as person, because she could be for another person somebody of value. This is the learning that leaves, the essential of the life. He is not to make for making, but the being to add, to help better growing and giving to condition of the other being somebody, somebody that if it loves inexplicably, but above of any feeling, unconditionally loves, in all the moments of the life. Brian Krzanich has much experience in this field. the essential one is this, this feeling that not of the space for rancores, ressentimentos, the egoism, the egocentrismo, the incapacity to receive before wanting everything for itself. This is the essential of the life, to love being love for somebody. .

Alfredo Birth Squid

It fell plus a minister. Normal! The faces had entered in marra, when former-president Lula had that to distribute the cake, now the president Squid does not have as to hold the wave of this galera. It made hunting, goes pra street! The woman is Bulgarian, braba exactly! Now the Orlandinho goes to have that to go pra line of the drawing of the ingressions for Pantry 2014 as the excessively mortal ones of this country. It lacks the powerful chefo of the CBF, that, according to bad languages, received a haul (metaforicamente speaking, it is clearly), but committed the slip of wanting to buy one jatinho a little expensive and of short while obscure form, and only finished giving to flag (this expression still exists? To give flag)Only, six inherited friends of the age had this year been shipwrecked Squid. The first one was the Palocci, that already fell for the second time, by the way (and this); later he was the Alfredo Birth, become minister of the transports after having destroyed the system of collective transport in Manaus with its famous Express; after that, it was pro shower more early, Nelson Jobim, that assumed to have voted in the Toucan for president; there Wagner Rossi fell; later, Peter You novate, that it paid governanta of it with the money ours, and also the motel, that nobody is of iron, n excellency? Tutti buona people! Then, for the floor of the covered cart, Orlando Silva does not need to have shame you are welcome, therefore he is not the first one and nor will be the last one to be I catch with the mouth in botija! After all, they are 24 ministries and more 9 secretariats with status of ministries, all pay for the contributor.

It seems that still it has much people pra to serve of ox of piranha! The question that is why the president Squid has that to accept this group amalgamated in its team? Some would say that it is a governabilidade question. That is, she is necessary to divide the cake, to distribute the despojos. The president of Brazil (or the president of Brazil will be woman) necessary to pledge until the underwears to arrive at the power, and, in the hour to recover the lost patrimony, does not have as to leave the side friends. Not to be that the friend steps on in the ugly ball! We are of eye!

Brazil Airways

But the craze to profit from the things of the State had continued. Also mundaru of Brazilians ordered one to die in the Europe. Heroes yes. Ingenuouses would say ones. I would not say.

For other bushing of cannon. Also I do not agree. the fight in the Europe finished. PERPETUAL HEROES. what to make with all that scrap iron of war? Airplanes, trucks, tanks, machine guns, cannons, flame thrower, supplies of garnet, bazookas, mortars, tractors of war, ambulances, ships, sumarinos, hydroplanes, jeeps, coturnos, pants, underwears, shirts and the debt accumulated for the war, the Americans? the group who governed, then approved the purchase.

An evident example. The aerial sprouting of some company that used airplanes military, transformed and adptados for the transport of civilians. Celebrities DC-3. They had appeared the Real Airways of Brazil, Brazil Airways, Southern Cross, Panair, Vasp and other more. then the made a mistake ones of the life, that if considered the certainties of the life, had decided to buy the sucatas of war. had profited of unknown form. But as always the history happens in all, he appeared one somebody that spoke more than the mouth and placed its thoughts, its idelogicas position and used to advantage of the machine inventadade 1439 and divulged its opinions and thoughts in the paper and then you vary people they had believed and they pressured baixinho to go even so and it did not become supplicated. He was. But of definitive form. A ready shot and. Good until everything it knows here what it happened since then. But here it is that it appears a matogrossense of Campo Grande and it obtained to initiate an a real mess in the Brazilian politics, that so far the consequences appear in the television, searching ones face in the Araguaia. what everything this has that to have with the country that was born of a small great error? It is that today more than what and no matter how hard if never makes to finish with Brazil, of varied, heading these actions for dishonest politicians and partisan politics, stuffed forms of scandals, robberies, corrupes and bribes Brazil continues growing.


Also I was happy for to order wanting me for the globe. I clarify, however, that not accepted invitation for the BBB why my silhouette this not helping very. I am thankful my relatives who had always received me with affection in the trips that I made the Boston and adjacencies, in special to the Eneir, that I do not call it uncle why when we were to work together it thus asked for, here it is that, according to it I were burning its film asking for to the blessing and calling to it uncle in the front of the girls. I cannot leave of being grateful to the Kullim, that of the last time until cooked a special plate for me. Equally its Geny wife, who supported always me when I was left of the side of it are for my uncle.

Geny, forgives me the franqueza, but of I finish time I saw a calendar in its kitchen with a X in the accurate day of I to go even so, as well as in the day that I arrived and in the following ones, of increasing form. He will be that this had some meaning? I have will of to come back the Boston, but I walk worried half. The statisticians had shown that the alcolico text index of my uncle increases sufficiently when I am in its company. A proper one confessed already me that when I am in the house of it I am relembrando things of the past, that nor it remembers more, he leaves what it sad. Times that do not come back more. The human being is nostalgic by its very nature. All we always have trend to find that the past was better that the gift.

He is not thus my uncle, to remember is to live. Now, if its life in the past was a titica of hen the problem is not mine. Me, its friend insider, it remains to hear its experiences and to relembrar others as much already lived. Authorizeed you to publish me its name in my histories. He thinks well. I can count of the trot of the telephone in Belo Horizonte and that one of the accounting office? Of the barranqueira mule I do not go to write nor if you to pay. Relembrei now that day when you liveed in the 21, St. Samner, and was fixing the sewer of the sink that vasava, with the threaded face underneath of the sink, when it came Aretuza and left from above door of the open closet. It raised you of a time and it put cachola in the door, being a tempo seeing estrelinhas. Until today I do not know why you did not beat in its son first-born. I find that the Aretuza must me this. She was mine sits down he inhibited that to give you the due one I change. I know that you spoke that @#$%& paid any price more did not fix that one;! * of sink. He left snorting he called and me to go I deposit until it to buy a Saporo, Japanese beer. You laughed at my broken nose, but until today I river of that cabeada in the door of the closet of the kitchen.

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