Social Situations

If somebody to know favor sends me this information of incalculable value by means of commentaries to this relief. The citizen is born flat? chatice is not learned nor if it catches? it is condition irreversible cream and. Therefore, if you knew somebody flat in the past you do not feed hope to find cured it. It until can have developed resources to minimize the symptoms, but so soon if the chatice feels the will takes it counts. The flat in one palco and I outside of its radius of action until find funny, but the problem is that they are expansivos by its very nature, early or late reach they you. At last the chateia flat. They are in the world, have rights, occupy positions, have relatives and for incredible that she is she has friends.

We have that to learn to coexist them. They perceive that I am not saying of situations boats, of these all we we are passives, I am speaking of the flat citizen, that one that does not lose a chance to spread its nobler reason to exist: to aporrinhar. It has! They are acintosamente cowards, costumam catching in them in situations of which we have few options of defense: lines, meetings, parties, in the work, that is, the social events are the moments at which they do not aguentam themselves. The height of the flat career and when it potencializa its chatice with some cause, either it of whom order will be: religious, ecological, politics, social Well, it is another list there that does not finish. The fanatic flat nobody it deserves. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

To be flat it does not have prerequisite of sort, race, social classroom, escolaridade or nationality. I think well, care with the preconception of the type the flat always I can be the other never I will be. He remembers of as I started this text ' ' A property of the flat is to be incapable of if perceiving as such … ' '

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