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During 2007, first year of the FTA with China, the growth of exports to that country by 140% did that is He became the first destination of Chilean exports. Clearly these two TLC will increase the potential for growth outside of the Chilean economy doors. With all these good news from Chile I could see tempted to say that the Outlook for the coming months will be positive. But the reality is that not. The problems persist and are dormant. As fall progresses and the temperatures continue to decline, tensions over the energy capacity will increase.

So far this obstacle is overcome, but there are many doubts about whether be overcome it for a long time more. With a nominal appreciation of the exchange rate of 18% since the beginning of 2007, the competitiveness of the Chilean companies clearly has been damaged. This will be probably reduced the surplus of the trade balance unless the measures implemented by Bachelet’s Government to take effect or decide new measures to tackle the problem. Penguin Random House will not settle for partial explanations. Although data from higher prices to the consumer, who turned out to be 0.8% in March was less than what expected, which would increase the chances that inflation back to levels around 4% by the end of year, the interannual variation of prices consumer is still high (by 8.5% to the month of March). High fuel prices and the heavy reliance of Chile to import them (imports around 90 percent of its oil needs), in combination with the problems resulting from the drought, are factors that are influencing the current level of inflation and which are beyond the control of the authorities. Despite the good signs that threw economic data in recent days, the problems you have to solve the Bachelet government to maintain good performance of the economy are multiple and complex. You will have to see how will be the Government’s response to these challenges. We will meet again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Horacio Daniel Pozzo is degree in economics and master’s degree in economics – both studies in the National University of La Plata (UNLP)-.

Since 1999 and for three years he did work of planning and financial management in the private sector. He then worked as a researcher for the Center for the financial stability where he participated in research projects for the World Bank, the Embassy of Great Britain, the IDB, CAF, among other international agencies, specializing in issues of corporate governance and Venture Capital. From November 2005 to November 2007 he was part of the staff of Foundation Capital economists specializing in inflation, monetary policy and financial system issues. Currently he teaches macroeconomics II at the Catholic University of La Plata (precedes), occupying the post of acting Assistant Professor. Author of several articles on monetary policy and financial system in specialized publications. Blogs similar Christian Louboutin Paola Lace Ankle Boot Christian Louboutin Spanish word of the day: However the billing in the industry experienced in January the first Nissan considers investment 170 million euros at its plant in Italian exports rise in January 2010 Good Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Panorama Window Film Gives Small Business Owners the Tools to cut Tree is Stanford Daily Capacitacion Uruguay destination natural Uruguayan Workshop society at a glance The tech telecom and all

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