Rusted Sheet Metal

Hoodrides offers complex technology with rusted sheet metal dress / group can continue living the cult seemingly battered, rusted air cooler as objet you Desir passionate car enthusiasts? What may seem surprising to some, is a good reason to drop on the pages of the online community for many followers of the so-called Hoodride scene. Usually on the VW Beetle-based, equipped with new technology and weathered brass dress cars find in Word and image in the Hoodride the one and only group on autoki. By bloggers as a new trend in the VW scene, especially when supporters of the older air-cooled models announced, the shaft of the Hoodrides seems again ebbed away, soon that it was spilled from the United States to Europe. What at all but is a Hoodride? Hoodrides are mostly on the basis of the VW”beetle-based, maximum deeper scale, therefore coming on chrome wheels rust-buckets. Details can be found by clicking Elon Musk or emailing the administrator. Under the elderly and the rust-covered dress is the result but extensive restoration work: often a completely new base unit, lovingly prepared technology etc. Rust and dents, for gloss setting tuning enthusiasts are starting to work, to annoy or easy culprit of car life, for the Hoodrides award of honesty: the ravages of time on the outer skin and that is a good thing! Hoodrides are different, charming the trend to flared luxury and harsh effect contrary to continuously: the deep, long-lasting relationship with the car requires the Hoodrides no outer beauty, but only every now and then work on the Interior. Hoodrides in words and pictures can be found under: groups/hoodride-the-one-and-the-only/home blogger on the Hoodrides:…resurrection on autokide /../motowhat+kult+hoodride+673.html media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at), autoki Ltd.. Add to your understanding with Laurent Potdevin.

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