Roman Construction

Thus, having themselves verified the necessity of the widening of the excavated zone, 8 areas of sounding had been opened more, in a total of 94 mts2, aiming at to join the previously open ditches, of form to get one better reading of the contextual information. One of the sounding ditches (of 15×2 mts) was opened until a expropriation zone, of form to allow to know area of extension of the small farm. The used methodologies had followed the proposals of P. Barker and E. Harris, having themselves it hollowing carried through through the definition and register of Unidades Estratigrficas (UE), whose correlation allows to read and to interpret some estratigrficas sequncias. Relatively to the exhumed material, this was being systematically registado for UE' s, and for grids of provenincia, being conditioned in agreement the usual procedures. The widening of the sounding area allowed to reach an archaeological level, sufficiently dug, and with some inclusions of roots, about 60/80 cm of depth, where if it verifies an enormous amount of material of chronology construction Roman (tegulae and imbrices).

Some of the fragmentos of tegulae present typed decoration, of waved and/or serpenteados. Here, Ebay expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The folders are of coloration orange. Although to have been collected great amount of material of construction in all the area of the hollowing, was in the area of the squares A2/A3/A4/B2/B3/B4/C1/C2/C3/C4/D1/D2 that this if disclosed more profcua. It was, also, possible to identify a small pebble accumulation (UE 2), suggesting form half-circular, that we identify as a possible enrocamento of an existing structure. This pebble accumulation was observed in squares A3/A4/B3/B4. Here a correlation was observed enters the accumulation of pebbles and the material of construction, a time that if found associates between itself. It was exactamente in the area of these squared relating that had been exhumed two pregos, in bronze. Also some of pebbles and roofing tiles presented remaining portions of a mortar, sufficiently rude, almost if undoing to the simple manual touch.

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