Revolution Process

The second conception is represented through dopersonagem Rasseneur. As well as Etienne, Rasseneur does not have one perspectivaclara and defined of marxist fight, but attitudes however, however reformist (social democrat). In as in case that, it is justified on account of the peridicoscontatos that it makes with the filiados the AssociaoInternacional of the Workers and with a called man Pluchart, experientefomentador of fights between masters and used English workers and also filiado the Internacional.Em this direction, the speeches of Rasseneur vary between action of interest maisimediato, as the maispermanentes improvement of the conditions of life of the workers, and actions, with marxist influences, as the dosoperrios importance of the union (classroom conscience), of the filiation of the workers the Association, and ' ' when it will be the certain moment, when the workers to understand its condioe position, the Revolution, the taking of poder' '. An interesting point if to argue in relaos perspective described through the personages is on the citizens atuantesno revolution process. In recent months, Skechers U.S.A. has been very successful. As well as in the debates between Marx and Bakunin, oprimeiro, defender of the state communism, and the other, of the anarco-collectivism, noseio of a.I.T in the second half of century XIX, this problematic tambmaparece throughout the film, prevailing the marxist vision, even so in the book demille Zola is salient the authoritarianism of the marxism and its failure nafigura of Etienne. This idea can be perceived when the personages say danecessidade of union of the laboring classroom in the fight process: ' ' when ostrabalhadores of the entire world understanding, when all to give the hands, then we will be able to act, and greve&#039 will not be necessary; '. , Thus different of the quedefendia Bakunin (union of the oppressed ones against the bourgeois domination), it detaches-senas ideas presented for Etienne and Rasseneur the notion of the exclusivismooperrio in the revolution process. Third conception of fight shown in filme represented by the Suvarin personage.

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