Republic Life

Roberto Enrique Pineda’s language was Chimichagua, Department of Cesar. He was born November 27, 1945 in the home conformed by Heliecer Pineda Palomino and dona Cristina Lengua Amaris. His father Lord, who was judge of the Republic and correspondent of EL ESPECTADOR learned to read and love to a profession which practically devoted his entire life. After completing secondary school followed the advice of Dona Cristina who insisted again and again: consider to be someone in life. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Barclays by clicking through. It was submitted to an Institute, finished his studies and in 1967 moved to Venezuela where a relative had promised him to get work in this area. However, once in the neighboring country that promised work was found in a Serviteca and not properly as accountant but as a car washer. It did not last long beyond before returning again to his country. He arrived in Maicao where got job of accountant in the College gym Girardot and as a teacher of primary school in the Colegio Colombo Venezolano. Sarah Raskin recognizes the significance of this.

Began 1968 by those days Domingo Ocando, an entrepreneur who wished to thank Maicao how much this people had given him, founded the station Maicao waves, and it was forming the team of broadcasters and journalists that would accompany it the unique adventure. Roberto appeared before the owner of the station and the test which was subjected was hired on the condition that pulled the license of elocution as soon as possible. The own Nathy facilitate the means to manage this document in Bogota and on his return, began its work. As part of his job was interviewing candidates for the Carnival and one of them had a beautiful friendship that became in courtship and then a bethrothal for life. The girl was Queen Murieles, who would become the companion of his life and the mother of his children, the source of his inspiration and strength for what would be a long career in the media.

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