To buy a dominion is very easy, will show to them here like buying a .com dominion from the platform of godaddy. This page this in English, but you do not worry because he is quite intuitive and it will explain to you step by step what you must do. Godaddy is the supplier of dominions greater and economic of the network, with it soothes in the United States. If they want to buy a dominion with another extension (.net, .info, .org, etc), the procedure is the same, and also there are other servants who sell dominions to part of Godaddy. Then we begin: To register an account in Godaddy You must enter the platform of Godaddy >. Then, in the beginning page, above, him DAS click in ” Create Account”. It will appear a form which you have 2 parts: Contact Your Information you will have Here to fill the squares with your true data, since the ICCAN (Organism that it regulates and It supervises to the suppliers of dominions) by means of godaddy could want to verify your data and contactarte thus to make sure that you are the proprietor of your dominion. In form, the Password Hint, is a key word that you used if you lose your password, and Call-in PIN, it is I number which identified to you if at some time you want contactarte to the company by telephone.

Stay Informed you can itch on some square and you accept Here that to you they maintain informed on any eventuality, supplies, or discounts that become. I recommend to you that if you do not know English, better it leaves this part like this. Soon to continue, click in ” Create to New Account” After that, he will appear your panel of Administration, and your name in the part superior.

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