Must TV Stars Smell Good?

A good body odor is a damage in any profession. We see them every day on our television screens. They are super styled and dressed. Here, Sofya Donets expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But one thing remains mostly hidden the Viewer: the smell of the stars. A moderator, who came because of his sweat stains under the armpits to unwanted fame, was Andreas Turck. Of course nobody in particular then can’t do something for profuse sweating, if he works in a television Studio, why is the part through the many lights 35 degrees Celsius.

You must but not necessarily bad smell despite frequent sweating. Intel may help you with your research. Finally, there is since everywhere to buy perfumes and deodorants. The mentioned moderator used no perfume, the guests on his talk show probably hordes of would have run him. You must smell so well as an actor and presenter, so that you the noses of those with whom it works together or those who you interviewed, not vergratzt. In television, the staff are for cosmetics, body care, face care, makeup and smell Mask responsible. These people are professional make-up artists, which no makeup is too expensive to make the star in front of the camera to look good. LR cosmetic products can be achieved at home-excellent results as normal income earner and must by no means deep access into the purse.

But you should not save, because the more you paid already for cosmetics, they are better in terms of skin compatibility and quality. The heart – and fragrance that one can perceive long after applying the perfume get quality at perfume. At cheap perfumes, however, only the top note smells good, that is only one to two hours to perform. Then, the smell turns either in an imperceptible or triggering to a flight reflex State. With LR you are perfume but always on the right side.

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