Mediation School

One of the mechanisms to establish educational centres which advocated good part of collective teaching to prevent physical assaults, verbal and social is the school mediation, regulated by law with positive effects in countries such as Argentina. The Generalitat de Catalunya, attending to these experiences, has school mediation become the axis of its draft decree on rights and duties of pupils and regulation of the coexistence of non-university educational establishments. Mediation is a method of conflict resolution applicable to all areas of interpersonal relations: schools, companies, families, etc. Mediation is based on the idea that the violence stems from small conflicts which have been not properly channelled. Those who defend this system think that not being able to verbalize a conflict creates a frustration that causes aggression. Therefore, the solution is to create the figure of an impartial mediator who helps the parties to reflect, discuss and negotiate an agreement.

School mediation is that a conflict between two students, a third, from an equidistant position between the parties, help them talk to approach their positions and solve the dispute by themselves. This method is created as an alternative to sanctions by teachers, an authoritarian system that usually does not solve the conflict and that deteriorates more even relations between teachers and students. Besides being a tool of conflict resolution, it helps educate teenagers in values. It is unlikely that this method is totally eradicated violence in classrooms, but according to his followers, it helps to channel the aggression in a positive way. However, there are always bear in mind that, in the event of serious assaults, mediation is insufficient and must go to school authorities. On the other hand, one of the errors that is committed to the use of mediation is educators to delegate its functions to the mediators. If the teacher is present when an attack occurs, it is evident that you must take responsibility for the situation, and do not leave it in the hands of the mediator.

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