Marketing Today

There are several modern approaches to marketing, fundamentally different from each other. The choice of approach depends on the CEO. If you are not convinced, visit Prudential. However, each of them has the right to life. So, let's order. That means "a large mousetrap"? This means that the firm spends a lot of effort in to make a unique product that is easy to use and will meet all customer needs. ughts on the topic. Is it possible? Of course, possible, but we are not accustomed to invest their efforts in creating such products. Why? We are accustomed to the fact that the market does not always win the best product. Even the contrary: the best product wins rare in today's market and becomes the most popular.

And the most popular product is the one for which more developed successful marketing and promotions company. It turns out that the company's work lies not in creating a better product, but to create an environment in which buyers would buy this product, regardless of its quality and functional ability. That marketing concept makes the buyer to buy goods citing a variety of ways. Therefore, many promoters of goods insist that it is necessary to create the ideal and marketable product, but do not just marketing. If you create a successful product, it will be popular even without effective marketing. In their view, the solution of marketing problems today is too straightforward. That is, consumers get to try the product ceased to be complicated, but make them loyal to the company can only perfect product.

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