London For All Occasions

Among European capitals, London enjoys continued popularity as a tourist destination and for those who wish to settle it, or at least invest the money in his estate. It is therefore understandable desire of our readers more learn about this wonderful city. But this interest is not limited to location of landmarks. Many have asked what where and how much. Comply with that request, we will publish our next cross-cultural material, on all aspects of visiting the British capital. Contents: 1. Where is 2. Why is it called 3.

Climate 4. Districts 5. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aetna Inc.. How to get 6. Intercity travel 7. Hotels begin, as always, with the geography of London is located in the south-east of the island Great Britain – the largest of the British Isles.

Its geographic center is located at coordinates 51 30'28 "north latitude and 0 07'47" west longitude. Speaking in round figures, is in London the zero meridian as the meridian that passes in the city. The area of London is 4000 761 square kilometers and its population is 8,278,000 people. By city population occupies 21 th place in the world, second in Europe, and the first in the European Union. London is on a flat plain, and its altitude is 24 meters. It is not surprising that the city is exposed to constant danger of floods from rivers flowing through it Thames, which, like St. Petersburg Neva River is also subject to tides. In dokeltskie times this place was called settlement freeze That name was given even the Etruscans, who in the vi century bc organized at this place trading post on which traded handicrafts from around the Mediterranean on the tin produced in the uk local Iberian people.

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