Limits Of The Universe

The evolution of the universe is something present in the history of the humanity and its results cause some factors in it. The universe is not the same of today as the 50 years behind, or up to 3 years behind, it moves, evolves and the person evolves with it, the people evolves with it. A scholar who came back to live behind in the universe of 50 years would have difficulties to reason and its great intellectual capacity would suffer limitations for the universe to be behind in relation to the scholar and the freedom that its great wisdom has more in this evolved universe of the gift. Then the conclusion is arrived that the more evolved will be the universe biggest will be the intellectual progress and its freedom of wisdom in established it. The man has the power to evolve the cosmic universe that is made understanding to it and working its quantum form and that is made of codes shown in another article made for me. To evolve the universe is to break the barriers that its behind form places in the intellectual plan and intellectual freedom of the man. The man can contribute for the evolution of universe and the reduction of the ignorance and pains of the humanity.

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