International Congress

In the speech of opening of IX the International Congress of Systems of Rain Water Captation – Petrolina, 1999 -, pronounced for the Dr. Appan: ‘ ‘ What it is more necessary is the moral acceptance of these techniques and the will politics to implement sistemas’ ‘. For example, in the South America and the Caribbean, the biggest problems faced for the countries that they desire to implement such systems are: ) the difficulty of diffusion of information on the successfully applied techniques; b) lack of knowledge of the existence and importance of these techniques in some levels of public participation and taking of decisions; c) economic limitations; d) absence of inter-institutional coordination and to multidiscipline; e) absence of an adequate legislation; f) incapacity to evaluate of appropriate form the impact of the introduction of alternative technologies in the existing situations. Pontuando The financial aspects we detect a negative result. By if dealing with an investment that does not consist in the budget of this organization for biennium 2010/2011, we were informed that it is intended to more make a survey detailed on the existing marks of kits in the market and a possible partnership and/or exchange with these companies.

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