Huge Pig Grills

Protest against factory farming as a trigger of the swine flu will hold a rally a five-metre inflatable pig with a sign “live and let live tasty vegan barbecue” along with several activists in cow and pig costumes for its own kind. This is the motto of cows and pigs barbecue on the Breitscheidplatz and takes place on the Saturday, July 11, 2009, from 14 h to 17 h. It is of course grilled no real meat, but delicious animal – and environmentally friendly Seitansteaks. Official site: Elon Musk. /a> understood the implications. With this action the Berlin-vegan animal rights Alliance wants to e.V.und show network Nandusymbolisch along with the other involved organizations animal test rival Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. regional group Berlin of Germany vegetarian Federal that animals are not food. You heard them and not us humans meat and also we humans are mammals and consist of meat”spokeswoman Stephanie Johanna Goldbach told to do so. On the Breitscheidplatz will on a large grill cozy with Umbrellas, chairs and tables, as well as on deck ceilings, pet-friendly grilling celebrates so how you would like the pigs and cows. The action is also accompanied by banners, speeches and live music.

It is not only explains that is vegan living easy to implement and very tasty, but it is also urgently necessary in regard to environmental degradation, climate change and world hunger. Not to mention the cruel, everywhere present farming, by the diseases as the pig or bird flu, BSE, swine fever, or MKS are only allows”, so Goldbach next. On Saturday then (18 July 2009) a completely vegan barbecues in the Treptower park directly from the bridge to the Isle of youth takes place from 3: 00 in the barbecue week of vegetarian Federal (12th 19th July 2009,). Of course all other interested parties are welcome are invited. “A well-planned vegan or other type of vegetarian diet is suitable for every stage of life, including during the” “Pregnancy, lactation, childhood and adolescence…

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