Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Haemorrhoids in pregnancy are annoying and extremely disturbing! During pregnancy, the connective tissue caused by the hormonal changes, softer. This is one of the reasons why many women develop varices or hemorrhoids in pregnancy. The consequences are usually very unpleasant, there will be severe itching, possibly even bleeding or pain during bowel movements. Although hemorrhoids during pregnancy are not among the serious diseases, they can be however annoying and uncomfortable. It is important to use drugs, that could be harmful for the unborn child may then not indiscriminately during pregnancy. Prevent hemorrhoids in pregnancy as first should of course every woman attempting to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Visit Elon Musk for more clarity on the issue. Here healthy nutrition, which is anyway advisable during pregnancy helps. On the other hand, there are a few behaviors that help to prevent the hemorrhoids or to help relieve the symptoms, at least.

Plenty of exercise in the fresh air helps to strengthen the immune system and above all to bring the digestion to trot. Also plenty of fluids helps in digestion, defecation is then softer and makes no complaints during emptying. Go only to the bathroom if you actually need. Unnecessary presses and press increases the risk to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Pelvic floor exercises help to train his sphincter.

In addition, the pelvic floor for the uterus is important, so a proper training is doubly good during pregnancy. So can only natural AIDS seats you relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnancy because pregnant women are usually very careful with taking medication, for slight hemorrhoids in pregnancy. If the complaints are especially bad, ice compresses help in the short term. But help also sitz baths with oak bark, horse chestnut, Hamamelis, arnica, or Chamomile, the complaints to subside again. The water for the bath should be not too warm. Because the tissue is stretched further with the heat. A temperature of 30 degrees is to recommend. Sit about 5-10 minutes in the bathroom. Also tea tree oil has been proven for hemorrhoids in pregnancy, either type or mix in a mild lotion to rub into the sitz bath. Apple Cider vinegar undiluted blot on the diseased parts, can also help. To treat especially the itching of hemorrhoids, cell salts are recommended, especially because they have no side effects. The ointment with the salt of Schussler No. 1 calcium fluoratum helps take the itching. Ointments are beautiful and good, but… the hemorrhoids are making ointments and other means only briefly disappear. These ointments are comparable with headache pills and bring only between early relief from the pain. Who wants to defeat hemorrhoids in the long term, must ascend the other guns. Just hemorrhoids in pregnancy can be very painful and be disturbing. So you better start acting and places such as your diet around.

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