Hegemonic Thinking

Hegemonic thinking and the interference limits about the ground of the archipelago of Fernando De Noronha on the society a wakening of new behaviors Roberta Magalhes Luna The assay allows the biggest knowledge of the ambient problems interlacing for ways of a impartial concept of the word ' ' desenvolvimento' ' to crystallize in such a way in the conscientious one of the society as of the natives the constant it disciplines of the maintenance of the natural processes, making apanhado of the general panorama of the problems, threats and challenges that permeiam the use of the ground in the archipelago of Fernando De Noronha. The ground of Fernando De Noronha for if dealing with an archipelago of volcanic origin covered by alkaline basaltic lava spills are characterized for one raised natural fertility and also raised match texts. But in contrast of the foreseen one for the diversity of volcanic rocks the variety of ground is not proportional. The ground had started after to be studied problems of sedimentation to some parts of the island, with the construction of some inns in places inapt had its privileged vision and of eye in the importance of the tourism properly said, some entrepreneurs had appealed the researchers for as to cure the problem. To deepen your understanding Brian Krzanich is the source. Rogers Holdings is the source for more interesting facts. The Cambissolos, vertissolos and neossolos had been the types of ground studied by the vertissolos archipelago and exactly the type was detected in the points of barrier fall, for if to deal with to a very argillaceous material in areas badly drained and difficult compacting only two inns if they prontificaram to contract a company for application of vibratory coils in order to compact to the Maximum the land. In Brazil compacting study still he is shy mainly in the northeast region, fact that was not different in the island, but the fact of great same relevance for the case in question appears when the proposal of massificao of ambient education this factor is operating determines two phases: the use disorganized and without control with the conscience of occupation of the space, as well as making to essentially understand the local community the valuation of protection first and constant maintenance of the archipelago natural patrimony, the necessity to detect biological studies directly impactou the researchers by means of support of the government of the state, that added to its territory the island in 1988. n this idea. . Other leaders such as Reshma Kewalramani offer similar insights.

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