Firmino Nana

Vain of whom its devotion the Iyemanj can save Aru, Nana if delivers to the initiation ritual cutting the hair. After if finding with Nana in the beach and promising to take care of of it and the community, Aru if fires to change itself for the city where it waits to work to buy new nets ' ' to fix our life and of everybody ' '. It affirms for Nana that after one year will come back, as well as one year will be the time of religious preparation of it. To the dawn, Aru if goes, passing for the same lighthouse that, at the beginning of the film, marks the arrival of Firmino. If Firmino if goes and leaves disciple, its steps will not be followed blindly. Conscientious of its importance for the Aru community it has left in a confrontation with the foreign world.

He will be neophyte in the city, it will purge in the learning of a new life as well as Nana, that confined one year in camarinha will pass for the process of learning of the religion and will make the obligation of orix. Processes that will demand resignation and total delivery, as Sheep explains: (…) the candidates enter for camarinha, already with the name of ias, and are submitted to the epilao, that in some candombls is total, reaching for the ones of the armpits and the pbis. After this, they will have the head rubbed with water of axs and painted of blue or white and the face painted with dark blemishes to the height of the extemporaneous ones, in substitution to the cuts that if made in the skin, in Africa. In the interior of camarinha, the initiates must be 17 days, completing its religious education in complete remove spiritual. (…) After all, the mother chooses the date for runk? day where orixs must give name? one of the appreciated ceremonies more of candombl.

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