Development Plan

Ask yourself what you get when the goal is achieved. The answer to this question will help evaluate the significance of this goal for you. The more benefits you can call it, the more important it is for you. Flexibility of behavior. To achieve the goal is not necessarily going to tough given path, like a tram, which stops at specific stops and never lucky you to the entrance of your home. It is better to use the principle of a taxi, moving on a shorter and convenient route, approaching the most home. Using this principle, you can change their actions all the while moving to the cherished goal. Why punch a wall, if somewhere near the door? And if the door does not open in one direction, try to open it in another. Whatever make the same mistakes, it is important to change their behavior. Proved in practice that the most control over the situation that a man who has more flexibility in behavior. Sensory sensitivity. Learn to see, feel, to hear this world, the signs on their way, rather than thinking about what could be. It is important to learn to see obstacles and to skirt them. Personal power. Need to experience the confidence that you will achieve what you want. Universal components achieve the goal. The exact formulation of the goal. Development Plan. Activities to achieve goals. Steps to an end. 1.Analiz goal. If the purpose was formed in general, vague and inaccurate, ask yourself, what will change in my life, if I've achieved it? That the goals were really active, they must be translated into concrete level.

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