Cerebral Palsy

Jonathan, is a child of 9 years of age, complexion, honey-colored eyes, severe strabismus, caquectico, thin and untidy hair. It is a creature that my produces me a profound feeling of tenderness and devotion, but paradoxically, not the case with the majority of people who inadvertently observed, for whom is inevitable that first impression that generates them is aversion, rejection and compassion, because of his scrawny figure and its sad figure.

His expressionless face, with a despondent look, the stiff neck and your upper eyelids exhausted, could not produce another print. The natural cavities of his face: eyes, mouth and nose, continually sprouting secretions; tears, mucus and saliva, that diligent and permanently are cleaned by his kindly mother tender and ajadas hands. Get all the facts and insights with Brian Krzanich, another great source of information. It is a child that unexpectedly emitted screams and unintelligible, unmotivated, sounds that are laminated by the delicate voice and the gentle massage applied in her hair and on her face by an affectionate and tender mother, already used or perhaps resigned to this arduous task daily. Tolerance the fervor, and the depletion of this woman are delatadas by deep expression lines on his face, and by a countenance which reflects fatigue, anxiety, and hopelessness. She supports them with a stoic attitude, as one who suffers a dismemberment and has no forced to accept it without showing any complaint.Jonathan is one of many inpatient who daily attend my specialized consultation of infant Orthopedics in the clinic Rafael Uribe Uribe of the insurance Social of the city of Medellin. Member of a family’s socioeconomic status low, humble, resident in a marginalized from the city of Medellin neighborhood. On any given day was scheduled for surgery of one of her hips, which was progressively dislocating for the force exerted by the spasticity in muscles adductor, a few muscles that are in the inner part of your hips.

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