Central Heating

Stretch ceilings are divided into seamless and welded. Seamless ceiling mount one panel on the full surface of the base ceiling, while the weld assembled from multiple parts. Welded stretch ceilings are used in the case when to decorate a large volume. Seamless stretch ceiling is a thin mesh fabric treated with a special polymer impregnation. A roll of seamless ceiling has a length of 5 meters. To know more about this subject visit Brian Krzanich. This makes it possible to mount a single space without seams. Seamless stretch ceilings have a high level of strength. In the event of flooding, they can not hold only cold, but hot water.

On the positive properties of seamless ceilings include frost, ecology (according to European standards). Seamless stretch ceilings can be installed in areas without Central Heating: Ceiling film can withstand a temperature difference of -40 C to +50 C. Welded stretch ceilings this band a sound and resilient vinyl film having a width of 1.3 m and up to 3,2 m, which are then welded to the special equipment. Despite the minimum size of the weld technology demands placed perpendicular to the window. The ceilings of pvc are resistant to various chemicals and is non-combustible material (a film under the influence of temperature melts). Film stretch ceilings are treated with special anti-static coating that prevents dust settling on them. History potolkovProobrazom stretch stretch ceilings can be regarded as the ancient Roman technology, in which the house was made device suspended ceilings made of cloth. Matter of picking the color of the room and changed, when the ceiling faded and covered in dust.

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