Cabernet Sauvignon

Accompanied by a good wine, the food tastes better. And it is that wine is an essential element of the Spanish officers and tasty Mediterranean diet. However, choosing the most suitable is not an easy task. There are many rules and recommendations, as well as a very extensive menu, which complicates even more the selection. The key is to find a balanced combination of odors and flavors. For that, and Yes these a little lost about what wine to choose to accompany your order of food at home, we then suggest the most appropriate pairing for a selection of dishes.In the case of the salads, the best are the bittersweet wines as the verdejo or roses. Also more sweet type Albarino can opt a wine.

The food Chinese, so rich in nuances, you do not equivocaras with a fruity wine. And a tip: opt for the low-ranking if the dishes are spicy.The whites with a touch of acidity as the Pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or even a champagne, are the complement perfect for sushi, that Yes, always served very cold. If you’re going to ask for Italian food, theirs is opting for soft as Pinot Noir or the Rioja wines, if you like reds, or a wheel or Penedes, if you’re more white. In the case of pizza, the fan opens much more given the wide variety of ingredients and combinations that are supported by the same. Not fallaras with an Italian wine type Chianti, House very well with the mixture of flavors and cheese, elements that characterize this so now you know, if you want to enjoy a great culinary feast, get a good bottle of wine and accompany the dishes at home that you like most. Surely you will enjoy the combination.You have a hot meal waiting for you can make a long day, the much more endurable winter school.So if you are sending their children to school with cooked lunches, make sure that the food is hot when they open at lunchtime. Through the use of tools correct and procedures, not only his lunch prepared with love be a palatable temperature, but can also be sure that food not be spoiled before consuming them.

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