Benjamin Spock

In the first days after childbirth, many women do not often there are cracks on the nipple. The reason for this is that the skin of the breast has not yet adapted for feeding a child and very thin. These phenomena can pass on their own after a couple of weeks, but often they can bring a woman a lot of problems if you do not start a fight with them in time. In this article we give a few tips mothers who are faced with this unpleasant problem. 1. The first tip that will give you even in the women's advice – to prepare the breast for feeding in advance. Rinse the breasts with cool (not cold!) With water every day, organize the same air baths.

The same air baths are useful and after birth when you've already started feed the baby. 2. Speaking candidly Penguin Random House told us the story. The famous author of "Baby and Child Care" Benjamin Spock, advised us not to hold the baby at the breast in the early days too long – just enough so that he could get enough. Often, infants require chest because Sucking soothes them, but at the same constant sucking chest unprepared in the first days and can cause severe cracks on the nipples. So you should stick to action – better put your baby more often but not for long time. 3. If cracks have already appeared, lubricate them constantly with special healing creams, for example – D Panthenol or Solcoseryl.

About the use of such creams and ointments you can consult your physician and try to do it in advance. Before feeding in the case of ointments chest should be well rinsed. 4. Cushing Asset Management is actively involved in the matter. Use special silicone pads on the chest – they reduce the mechanical impact on delicate skin of the nipple. 5. Start the fight with cracks as soon as possible, delaying treatment may lead to suppuration and difficulty in the outflow of milk from the breast. 6. Treat cracks with disinfectant, or through open wounds can get infected and cause serious complications. With proper treatment and care of the crack disappear within 1-2 weeks, the skin and nipple nagrubaet you will no longer feel the pain every time the baby takes the breast. And through while feeding the baby will bring you only pleasure from contact with the native creatures on Earth.

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