AirClean Air Purifier

AirClean – noble planter cleans and humidifies the air in the Interior planting the normal room or Office greening is not enough especially in the heating season for a pleasant humidity. Dry mucous membranes and an increasing susceptibility to infectious diseases are the result. But also parquet floors, antique furniture and high-quality wooden instruments require a balanced humidified air, otherwise they become brittle or warp. The Lechuza AirClean planting vessel perfectly metallic design in modern furnished apartments or offices with its varied. The noble design of the various planters is an optical delight in every season and with different plants and can forget the image of old humidifiers. The AirClean Air Purifier draws in air from the room and is cleaned inside by the granules and moisturizes. By the plants, the air is additionally enriched with moisture and ensures a perfect room climate in the Office and at home. The Humidification works with conventional tap water without further additions.

These plants feel especially comfortable in the AirClean corpus of AirClean consists of a noble planter in which particularly insert palms, the dragon tree, the arch hemp and many more feel. For the Office greening other plants by our customers are selected depending on the style as in the private sector”so Kai-Uwe Funk, Managing Director of the hydro flora. As a specialist for space greening the Hydroflora advises individually according to the needs and the available budget of the customers. Also for the summer months a smart solution can be function that turns off the air conditioning in the summer months on a stand-by, until it is needed again or you wish. During this time, the AirClean continue to optimally provided the plant with water.

Plants create working atmosphere and human jugglers can run on well-being only in an ideal working atmosphere. Where he feels, he unfolds his creative Potential. Green plants contribute significantly to the perfect indoor climate, and they increase not only the efficiency. Studies have shown that space greening prevents also typical Office complaints: skin irritation Green offices 23% return, dryness in the throat by 30% and cough even by up to 37%. In a study, even the sick one-third could be reduced by correct workplace planting. DATA & facts of the AirClean dimensions H: 77 cm, B: 40 cm, T: 40 cm available vessel anthracite metallic, white glossy coverage per unit: space of 20 m2 to 40 m2 humidity output up to 7 l / day (30% RH at 25 C) water reservoir 28 litres noise 33 db (normal mode) for more information, see this Web address:../lechuza_air_clean.pdf hydro plants GmbH Hydroflora sees itself as an innovative company with the experience of two generations. the company is founded in 1968 since 1995 headed the second-generation, Kai-Uwe Funk and Matthias beer. This combination of proven and new ideas make us unique and flexible. We want to reinvent the wheel we tried to improve, accept new and ensure a constant topicality of our expertise as well as our product selection.

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