Accommodation Rural

When it comes to tipping by a rural accommodation in Mendoza, one of the attractions that weigh more is without a doubt, the desire to integrate into the daily activity of an establishment of field. In each room, summer house or rural casona invite guests to participate in the care of the vines, cultivation and harvesting of crops or animal husbandry. Latter being an activity that Mendoza it is not limited to livestock, but it includes the attractive possibility of caring for beautiful and noble caballos criollos. In Mendoza, rural tourism is not an exception in a land that holds pleasant surprises at every turn. The country house hotels are usually very close to the main wineries, so you decide on this type of accommodation ensures the unforgettable experience of living the transformation of the grapes in wine from the inside. But bids with which each winery receives today to tourism, largely outweigh traditional wine tastings and guided tours, by that staying in a hotel of field today guarantees tourists countless pleasurable activities. Fly vines in hot air balloons, dine at sophisticated restaurants, bicycling through the vineyards or schedule a personalized tasting are just some of them. Recycle the old mansions of adobe’s farms for proportional greater comfort while respecting its delicious original architecture is a common denominator among the hotels in field in Mendoza.

There, the tourist feels transported to an ancient, magical world and already lost, without having to renounce the advantages of modern life that today is essential for everyone, so as air conditioning, LCD TV and WI FI Internet connection. Many rural hotels have spa services that leverage the benefits of the regional wine, chocolate or olive products to revitalize the skin and tone the body and the spirit of its visitors. Although to achieve an absolute feeling of relaxation is enough with a walk, deeply breathing the air of the mountains, by the colorful vineyards or planting of potatoes, cereals and other crops themselves of mountain agriculture. The hospitality field, with its ideal combination of old charm and comfort of today is an option to take into account when choosing accommodation in Mendoza. Original author and source of the article.

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