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Copenhagen Summit

A great event you must not miss such as the Copenhagen, Venezuela moved in and about the Venezuelan delegation denounced the attitude of developed countries in the world meeting of not committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it supposedly this would affect its economy, and announced that developing nations "will not let them get away with it" because it is unacceptable not realize they are responsible for the future of the planet. He hoped that the social position of the Bolivarian revolution led by its chairman Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, will not accept the way capitalism is still looting and affecting natural resources and serious environmental concerns, specifically in an interview with Telesur Claudia Salerno, director of the Office of International Cooperation of the Venezuelan Ministry of Environment, explained that the 30 industrialized countries have the potential to "change the destiny of the world, but today we are saying it is expensive and are unwilling to GDP of the economy receive the impact of response measures to climate change. "" That is unacceptable, I not only point out, but the accused (a …) will not only be responsible for the change climate but will be responsible for the future of this planet, "claimed the official. He said that developed nations" will have to be judged by the world for what they are doing at the moment (…) not going to let get away with it. "delegate announced that Venezuela, in the absence of an agreement, will stay there until 18 or until Christmas if needed." Add Go, who showed his disagreement with the statements by the Secretary General of United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-Moon, that the problem is not "point fingers" to polluters, and said "respectfully" that just is accusing the 30 countries that are destroying the mundo.Se said that "The industrial nations can not continue to sabotage the process and breaking United Nations rules on the opening of the issues, here are the 130 developing nations there is no time for more (a …) must put their commitment to reduce emissions and provide funding for developing nations to together we can take action to improve alleviate climate change. . New York Life : the source for more info.

Battle Between Greek And Muisca Gods

Cosmic battle between the Greek gods and the gods Muisca note with the biblografia tact in website bubok jose orlando melo naranjo called 8-year-old girl valentina corner naranjo to which their parents called intelligence passed it was thinking that his school was a kind of unknown universe. Where many had walked and lived much of their lives was born one of the most beautiful experiences ever imagined by a cute girl. They were the two afternoon day 8 of October of the year 2010 when the teacher looking children somewhat stressed by the routine of their days question whether same; about the repetitive model formed at the educational level, which retained the illusions, imagination, vivacity, joy and happiness of children. If you have read about Elon Musk already – you may have come to the same conclusion. tions explained all about the problem. Since four walls of continuous centenarian freedom of them, suddenly the teacher get up on your desktop and raising his voice, he said: children keep their notebooks and let’s go to the school basketball court, let the teacher of physical education you prefer to find much more spacious places.

Similar to one hundred horses galloping together expression of joy of children viva the prone! covered the face of the place They were shouting all to one voice, then go to the basketball court again said the Professor as communicate lea activities will make. The amazed teacher looked at children as they extended their trotters in the air and ran through all the Court imitating the sound of planes, trucks, horses, Tigers, Lions etc. His heart beat of happiness, because nothing seemed more beautiful than that show of living beings unconcerned of their own lives, economy, politics or family responsibility. Really seemed to trust and live in God, after a sigh I try to leave the classroom when a girl called marcela corner naranjo grabbed her your robe and asked Professor consuelo and the task must finish it today? The teacher threw a beautiful smile by winds leave that it formed a new universe where the order of the celestial bodies was not so important.

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