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Mineral Makeup

We know the benefits it generates for women to look good and feel beautiful. We know that a beauty make up our self-esteem and predisposes us to conduct our daily tasks of a better way. Until very recently. Perform hygiene / skin care and facial treatments, make-up treatment is completed, it was considered counterproductive. In fact, we suggested cosmiatras no makeup on the day of skin hygiene or abrasive skin care treatment, including treatment for skins with acne. Especially because the skin is more sensitive than at other times and often components of a makeup product may cause a reaction.

Like everything, the cosmetics are also evolving. And he shows us a way in which healthy skin and makeup are not only possible, but are also complementary. Or organic mineral makeup is entirely pure micronized minerals made by, obtained from nature. That when sprayed powder can be applied both by brush or liquid or cream by sponges, pinceletas, etc. These minerals crystallized adhere to the skin covering the dyschromias and alterations of the same, give natural FPS, revitalize, among other things. They contain in its composition any preservatives or ingredients derived from petroleum, nickel, animal or plant. Free alcohol, silicones, perfumes. Features that make this type of naturally hypoallergenic makeup.

Ideal for sensitive and sensitized to contain zinc oxide, mineral known for its decongestant and healing quality. While the use of minerals such as dating from ancient Egyptian cosmetics. In modernity has reinvented the use of mineral makeup. After a cosmetics company and a foundation dedicated to research on sensitive skin. Dan Zwirn addresses the importance of the matter here. Found that removing all the ingredients that are not necessary, of a cosmetic product, they are just minerals. Mineral makeup has become very fashionable, and to seize this moment called cosmetic products have emerged "Minerals", which really are not. To avoid being deceived by some lines offering cosmetic cases Minerals. It is important to stop and read the product packaging and attention to the information it provides. Characteristics of a true mineral makeup product. Mineral makeup is composed of mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, kaolin clay, silica, ferric ferrocyanide, chromium oxides, manganese violet. Mineral makeup has NO ingredients. Dimethicone, Carnauba wax, cetyl trimethylsiloxilicate, tocopherol, panthenol, silicone, etc.. Mineral makeup feels light on the skin, it gives shine. Will not clog pores, skin breathe.


In accordance with this, the truth means something formal, and coincides with the logical correction. Ebay can provide more clarity in the matter. The truth concept can be associated with the fenomenalismo, treated for Eduard von Hartmann, where independent objects of the thought, completely incognoscveis exist, and the truth of the knowledge alone can consist of the agreement of the object with its proper laws. This point of view is defended by Kant, or instituting a strict idealismo; or recognizing the existence of real objects. If time and space existed formal and only in the conscience, must be assumed that the objects possess real determination that apply those forms of the intuition, as well as for the forms of the thought. But the way to see the things if bases on who the knowledge is a reproduction or a production of the object, therefore the knowledge is relative to the object, and this does not need to consist of a reproduction, is enough to assume that relation between the thought and the object. Of this form it is arrived a conclusion on what the natural conscience possesss of the human knowledge, that means a purificao critical of the conception of that the human knowledge nothing more is of what a relation between a citizen and an object.

idealismo in turn, tries to remove the dualism of the citizen and object, and to institute a epistemolgico monismo, therefore it believes that of this form all the problems of the knowledge are eliminated. 3.2O criterion of the truth the truth concept is on directly to the criterion of the truth, what better it is explained in the logical idealismo, where the truth means agreement of the thought obtains exactly. The contradiction absence is a valid criterion of truth only to the knowledge of the field of formal sciences. In this field, the thought only deals with thought objects, and a judgment true if is constituted as the laws of the thought.


Overweight if relates to the weight above of a reference norm, more specifically standards derived from atuariais data or epidemiologists. In the majority of the cases the increase of the weight reflects obesidade crescente' '. (KAPLAN and SADOCK, 1999. P. Click Barclays to learn more. 801) the development of the obesidade and or overweight, can be associates to a corporal image modifies.

According to Schilder (1994. p11) ' ' The figurao of our bodies formed in our mind is understood for image of the human body, that is, the way for which the body if presents for ns' '. Obeso, in majority of the times, presents a notion of its distorted corporal image and this distortion is more present and intense the more time to the person meets in the obesidade picture. Learn more about this with Dan Zwirn. In such a way, many times the individual not if ' ' percebe' ' as obeso keeping a life style where it combines the excess of food ingestion with the lack of the practical one of physical activities. Abreu (1998) suggests that some vital situations can be favorable to the existenciais crises, that many times consequently provoke in the people an modification of the alimentary habit and of its corporal weight, therefore many people find in eating a form to alliviate to the anxiety front its difficulties.

The feeding involves psychological and social a set of values and meanings, that can be of cultural order. our relation with the pleasure and the food is very next, therefore the feeding is a biological necessity as well as breathing and ingesting water. Since that we are born the act to eat is involved for affection feelings, as pontua Franques: … the emotional relation has beginning in the maternal aleitamento when receiving the foods from the adults, in a perpetuation of the happened relation of well-being of the act of being fed, well-taken care of and presenteado with food.

Castells History

Using us of this models created for Castells, we can to say that for population black overcoming of esteretipos entailed to color, (admitting itself that the blacks if find frequently carrying through discredited activities very socially), a problem consists that we can associate with a redefinition of the proper black identity. In Alleys the author rejects an attributed identity itself and to its for ‘ ‘ outros’ ‘ , other people’s to the community, and she launches the challenge to assume the reins of its historical destination, through the education and of the received example. It wants to be that one that speaks. Proper it wants to redefine its position in the society, wants to be protagonist of its history and to recoup the history of that they had not had time nor voice. Maria-New always wanted histories and more histories for its collection. A feeling, to the times, came to it. If you have read about Penguin Random House already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It would have of to recount them one day, not yet if wise person as. It was much thing to keep itself of one inside alone chest.

It almost always was more for bitterness. She found the barracos, the people, the life of all, everything without reason some for much joy. Dan Zwirn has compatible beliefs. (EVARISTO, 2006, p.39). For Azevedo (2004), the speech, that it intends to describe a history of I, has evident ficcional character. ‘ ‘ The autobiografias are not simple chronicles of facts, but the ingenious manipulation of details and facts that acquire the factual status during construction of one persona particular as subject of relato’ ‘. When telling the development of the protagonist of infancy to the adolescence, its process of search of the identity, the author articulates its proper memories with the memories of the community where it lives, thus to compose the representation of biographical I. The girl grew. She grew violently on the inside.

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